Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meeting the Willems'- A very past due post!!!

I got to know Melissa Willems' during the waiting period of our adoptions. It would turn out that Eli and Ezra were crib neighbors at the 'Thomas Center', the transitional home for our adoption agency. We've kept in touch since we have brought our boys home but after learning that the Willems' family are planning to move to the Netherlands, I really wanted to get our boys together. It was a very spontaneous decision but I bought a plane ticket for Eli and I to visit the Willems' family in October.

The plane ride there (and back) was not fun, but it was great to see the boys together! So cute! Melissa and Ben were great hosts (Melissa is an amazing cook!) and Asheville is just beautiful! The weather was cold but it was a nice break from the hot California weather!

Eli and Ezra holding hands on the ride home from the airport!

Riding in the car in the Market.

Reading a book with Ben.

The boys in their PJ's.

Splish Splash!!!

Ezra looking so cool and adorable in his mama's glasses!

Posing with the beautiful mountains in the background.

The boys holing hands while hiking. Aren't they cute all bundled up?

At the pumpkin patch.

The Willems' family.

The farewell photo of us all!

It's amazing the lifelong connections people make through adoption. I look forward to seeing little Ezra grow up in the Netherlands!! Thanks you guys for EVERYTHING!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Looking for a Great Christmas Gift?

Aren't these just adorable? These T-shirts came from The Adoption Shoppe, an online boutique specializing in merchandise for adoptive families. I am very pleased with both the quality of the shirt as well as the printing. Laura, the shop owner, is an Ethiopia PAP waiting to hear some incredible news in early spring. Besides t-shirts, she also has some adorable dresses, jewelry, and picture frames. Don't worry, she also has China, Russia, and Guatemala creations as well. Please visit her shop!

My little model!! He loves to have his picture taken!!