Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have never really been into Halloween but this year I was really looking forward to it.  I couldn't wait to see Eli's reaction to all of the decorations and not to mention that this kid is such a goof, he LOVES to dress up and act silly!  So, I went all out and bought him two costumes!!    In the day time we went to Belmont Shore which is a beach community in the city of Long Beach.  Every Halloween they have a doggie costume parade followed by trick-or-treating for the kids.   For this event, Eli was dressed as a zoo keeper.  In the evening we went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with my sister and her friend.  For the evening festivities Eli was decked out as a little puppy.  As we went door to door, Eli so kindly invited himself into to homes of whomever would answer the door!  So cute!!   

Eli doing his first trick-or-treat at the neighbors.

Giving his cheese face in the doggie boutique.

Blowing kisses to mama!

Using the doggie water ramp as a stage.  He was definitely a hit!

Cuddly puppy!

Not so cuddly puppy.

Going to go hang with his peeps!


Clive and Dawn said...

OMG Look at him! he is so adorable Christy. I want to sqweeeeze him!!

Diane Larson said...

How cute! Sabrina was a kittie so they would have been so cute together!

Lindy Young said...

What a peach!

RossVix said...

Hey Christy!!

Oh my your little guy made one sweet little puppy! And can we talk about those adorable "kissy" cheeks? :0)

Hope your school year is going well.

If you ever drive north with Eli (I mean...really north!) promise to come visit us! We'll pour you a glass of happy and let our little ones play together!


Mona said...

So cute! I just love his puppy dog eyes. We can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Jana said...

He is too cute!! Can't believe we're coming up on our anniversary!! Too cool!

Lisa said...

OMG,, love the little Zoo Keeper! lol

Judy said...

Christy and Eli... These pics are so funny! Love you guys and see you soon!

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