Saturday, September 5, 2009

Going.. Going.. GONE!!!

I just finished my first week back to school.  It's official... the summer is over :(  The first six weeks I spent teaching summer school which was nice because I had Fridays off and worked only half days.  When summer school was over I had the entire month of August off to hang out with my favorite guy!!  Here are the highlights of our first summer together.

 We went to Sea World and had dinner with Shamu.  Eli says the strawberries and cream are great!!  Eli loved Sea World and since then all he talks about is the whale-whale!  

San Diego Zoo
Sharing a stroller ride with cousin Katie and looking at the Meerkats.

Posing with the Lion.

Hi Elephant!!!

Where are you Meerkat???

Enjoying a bus ride.

Sharing a water toy with the neighbor Evelyn.

Hope Reunion
 Eli and I attended the Hope adoption reunion in Dallas.  We met a lot of really great people!!!
Sliding at the water park.  Sorry I can't get it to flip.

All of the little girls loved Eli and I had to practically beat them off him!!  This is the adorable Lalu!!  I just loved her.  Eli, not so much!!  Give him a few years I am sure!

Some of the Hope Families.  They were great!!!

Knotts Berry Farm
Going down the Log Ride.  He was a little scared on this ride but he LOVED the others.  He would cry when the ride stopped.  Luckily it was slow that day so the ride operators would let us stay on.

We met at the park one day to welcome baby Janissa home from Ethiopia.  She is so sweet!
Running of into the sunset with Zaela!

Pretending to laugh while playing with the tupperware.

Me holding Janissa while Eli wasn't looking.  Eli gets really jealous!  Isn't she a doll?

Playdate with Zaela

The Long Beach Aquarium
Eli thinks those fish are whale- whales!!!

The weather has been H-Hot here in Cali.  I am looking forward to some cooler weather but I will definitely miss our summer fun!