Friday, May 15, 2009

An Artist of Sorts

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently a high school art teacher with my undergrad in art. Contrary to what most believe, being an art teacher is pretty uninspiring. Watching students day in and day out draw, paint etc. will pretty much suck the creativity out of anyone. Well, to conquer this problem, the art teachers in my school district put on an art show and last weekend was the opening reception at the gallery. Below are some examples of some of my work.

Some guy checking out the goods.

Alone or Lonely? (Lithograph)

Close up

Fish Boy (silkscreen)

Close up

From Africa, Into My Heart (mixed media)
When you pull down the red arrow the full picture is revealed.

Referral (mixed media)

If Dick and Jane Lived in Ethiopia (mixed media)

Eli hamming it up at the gallery.
The first two works are from my college days and I think we all know where I got the inspiration for the last three!!! For the work Referral, if you look closely you can see the newspaper in the background. The paper is in Amharic and I bought it in Ethiopia when I traveled to bring Eli home. I was going to save it for when he got older but I thought this was a better use of it.
On the Eli front, almost three weeks ago Eli took his first steps. He tried it out for a few days and I guess he decided walking wasn't for him. He decided he would try crawling and today he became an official crawler!!