Saturday, April 4, 2009

Old and New

Today Eli and I spent the day in the beautiful Southern California outdoors with a local adoption group. We enjoyed the company of some old friends as well as new. We potlucked in the park followed by an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddies.

Here is Eli with his old friend Zaela and his new friend Mona. Mona is waiting to bring her gorgeous little girl home from Ethiopia. Watch out Zaela, you're going to have some competition!

Zaela checking out her goods.

Eli picking up his first Easter Egg EVER!

Proud of his pickins'!

Who hid that there?

Still no teeth!

Taking a picture with his new friends.

Look Ma, I'm hanging with the guys!


Melissa said...

Christy..he is so dang cute...that face...I just want to squeeze him!!! It's wonderful you have that group for Eli. Happy Easter a little early ;-)

Diane Larson said...

I am so jealous that you have found an adoption group we haven't found a local one yet. We went to an egg hunt yesterday also, but I forgot my camera! Bad mommy.

Jocelyn said...

I love his face in pretty much all these pics...ok, I guess I just love his face!!! He looks so happy!!! Aren't adoptive family get togethers so much fun??

Mona said...

Christy - I was so happy to meet you yesterday and am looking forward to future events with my daughter in tow. Eli is just so adorable. And you are quick with blogging. Good Girl!

Clive and Dawn said...

I just want to squeeze him, he is so darn cute and look at those eyes and that hair! good pictures and even greater memories!!

Jana said...

Accckkkkkkkk! How fun to find you!! The funny thing was that I was thinking of that CRAZY couple that you had to sit next to. Do you think they were just actually normal and were Hollywood types practicing their acting skills? :) So glad to see your beautiful boy.I will add you to my blog roll.

emily said...

He is so darn cute!!!

Lisa said...

HOW funny,,, I just finished my post and checked out yours! Apparently we are on the same page! LOL That was a fun day!!!

los cazadores said...

Omygoodness, he is growing like a weed already and getting cuter and cuter!!

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