Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know I never wrote about my trip to Ethiopia but while I was there, I was able to meet Fitsum. Fitsum is the eight year old girl that I have been sponsoring through KVI. I had hoped to meet her when I traveled to bring home Eli, but I didn't think it would be possible since she lives in Nazaret, two hours outside of Addis. Luckily the Larson Family planned to go to KVI orphanage in Nazaret, where their beautiful daughter Sabrina came from. They were kind enough to let me hitch a ride! ;)

Meeting the Beautiful Fitsum!!!

She's a very shy and sweet girl!

This is where she sleeps. A mat on the floor that she shares with her two sisters.

Me with Fitsum and her sister.
Meeting Fitsum was one of the most memorable and heartbreaking events of my trip. While in her home, I asked Fitsum to show me her favorite toy. She told me that she didn't have any toys. Not.One.Toy.
I am excited to say that Fitsum will soon be receiving lots of toys! The students at the high school where I teach are required to complete a senior project in order to graduate. One of my students Vanessa, chose 'World Poverty' as her topic and asked me to be her project mentor. As part of their senior project, the students must complete a number of field work hours. For her field work, Vanessa had a toy and clothing drive for Fitsum! She also found a company to sponsor her and pay for the shipping! So between myself, my friends, and Vanessa's efforts, Fitsum will shortly be receiving several boxes of clothes and toys! I am so excited and so proud of Vanessa's commitment and hard work!
And on the Elias front great things are happening! On Monday Eli turned 14 months and also took his first steps! He was hanging onto the coffee table and just decided to go for it! I think he surprised us both! He took about four steps and started to fall. A caught him and then he let out the loudest scream of excitement. It was so cute! Besides starting to walk and screaming like a girl, Eli can also say lots of words. Here are the ones I can remember: mama, dog, duck, turtle, paper, bubbles, baby, baboo (the family name for pacifier), poo poo, PU and waves his hand in front of his nose, outside, thank you, and Katie. I know there's a few more but that's all I can think of right now, it's getting late!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Old and New

Today Eli and I spent the day in the beautiful Southern California outdoors with a local adoption group. We enjoyed the company of some old friends as well as new. We potlucked in the park followed by an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddies.

Here is Eli with his old friend Zaela and his new friend Mona. Mona is waiting to bring her gorgeous little girl home from Ethiopia. Watch out Zaela, you're going to have some competition!

Zaela checking out her goods.

Eli picking up his first Easter Egg EVER!

Proud of his pickins'!

Who hid that there?

Still no teeth!

Taking a picture with his new friends.

Look Ma, I'm hanging with the guys!