Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Birthday Weekend

I know this post is way past due. Elias' Birthday was Friday, February 27th and we did our best to give him a great first Birthday. His cousin Katie's birthday is the 26th, so they will probably be sharing many-a-birthday celebrations. Friday night we went to dinner to have a little private celebration. Katie didn't make it to her birthday song or sundae, but we took pictures for her to show her how much fun we had!!!

So of course, whomever falls asleep first gets a crayon in the ear...

Elias ready to dig in!

We tried to feed it to her!!! We have proof!!!

He obviously enjoyed the sundae!
Sunday we had the BIG party. There were about sixty guests, it was pretty chaotic!

Eli making one of his silly faces! He loves to make people laugh!

Another silly face! The other night he fell asleep in his car seat. As I was unbuckling the harness, Eli was making his funny faces. His eyes were closed, but he was still making his faces!

Enjoying his first Birthday cake!

Enjoying it by the fist full!

Zaela Rose and her Mommy and Grandmommy!

All of the kids!
The party went too fast! I felt rushed. Eli didn't get to open his presents and I didn't even get a picture of his cake! What a bad mommy! But after it all, I reflected on how lucky we are to have so many friends and family there to support us and be a part of his special day. But even more important is how lucky I am to have this amazing little man in my life.
Happy Birthday, My Son!!!


Diane Larson said...

Happy birthday, Eli! Thanks for the advice about the butter. If you get worried about Eli's weight, just remember that Sabrina is over 20 months! I can't believe they are the same height! How fun.

Lindy Young said...

A bad mommy? What a FABULOUS mommy! What fun! What a great party! What a cute little cake-eating, face-making 1-year-old.

Clive and Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Eli! You ARE a fabulous mommy, such happy pictures and what wonderful memories!!

Lisa said...

I think the birthday boy is quite Happy:-))

Melissa said...

I had to LOL several times...great pics!!! His faces are ridiculously cute.