Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here They Are!

These are the pictures I absolutely LOVE! The Ethiopian outfit is a gift from Abdissa and his family. Abdissa is the amazing in country rep with my agency. I bought the drum in Ethiopia and am going to put it away until he gets older and can appreciate it.

The photographer who took these pictures was so pleased with them that she asked to use them and they are now hanging in the studio! My handsome Boy!
Yesterday my work had a nice baby shower for Eli! He got lots of new clothes and baby gadgets and LOTS of Diapers! Yay! It was really nice and it was great to be able to introduce him to everyone.


Clive and Dawn said...

WOW! These are FANTASTIC! Eli looks soooo grown up, what great photos! He is adorable. You have given me a great idea for photos of Yohannes, we REALLY need to get some done. We bought a musical instrument too, looks like a little banjo I hate myself for not remembering what it's called. These photos are great! thanks for sharing!

Diane Larson said...

The pictures are awesome!! How fun that they are displaying them.

Jillienne said...

So so cute! I love his hair all those little curls!

SisterMom said...

omg he is sooo cute!! We bought Addis one of those drums and gave it to her for her one year old present, she LOVES it. Definitely a good investment!

Lisa said...

Sooo cute:-) I love the blk/wht one too!!!!

Jocelyn said...

They came out sooooo great!! Of course when you have a handsome boy like Eli, how could they not:-)

RossVix said...


These are really so so beautiful!!
I love the one with the drum. His face is so open and warm. :0) Oh must be smitten.