Sunday, December 7, 2008


That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of that beautiful baby sleeping peacefully in his crib right now! I know I still haven't written about my trip yet, but at this moment I just need to share with everyone what this little man is like. In just two weeks since he was placed in my arms he has changed so much! Just two weeks ago Elias at nine months could not sit up on his own, his head still a little wobbly! My goal was to have him sitting up by Christmas but yesterday he began sitting up on his own! And today he learned to blow raspberries!!

This little guy is so happy all the time! In the morning when he wakes I hear him playing in his crib. When I walk up and peer into his crib I am greeted by the biggest smile and the most hilarious flapping of arms and legs, like a little humming bird. When I pick him up he snuggles his face into my chest or shoulder. He is so sweet!

He is a great sleeper! He goes to bed around eight and sleeps through the night til about six. I give him a bottle, we play for about an hour and then he is ready for a two to three hour nap. His afternoon nap is a bit shorter but I'm not complaining! After I rock him to sleep he never fusses, just sleeps!

My son is a talker! He is always chattering and babbling and always responds when I talk to him. Tonight we were driving home and I was sure he was asleep because he was so quiet. I called his name and he immediately responded!

He loves to be out and about and is so curious and interested in everything around him. He rarely sleeps in his car seat or stroller. He's afraid he just might miss something! Today my sister and I took him to the mall for a quick shopping trip. Well quick turned into about five hours! Not once did he cry or fuss! It was so much fun holding him as we walked through the stores. The whole time he talked and laughed!

I am definitely Elias' favorite person! Before we left Ethiopia he already began to bond. If he was crying when someone else was holding him he would immediately stop when I took him into my arms! Our in country rep wanted to hold him on the way to the airport. Elias cried and cried but as soon as he handed him over to me he stopped. I was very surprised since this man was someone he has known for the majority of his life!

I look forward to tomorrow, the next day, week and year and everything the future holds for us! All I can think about is how truly blessed I am to have this amazing person in my life... forever!


Jillienne said...

What an exciting time! He looks so happy!
I remember in Ethiopia Emersyn was the same way by day 2 or 3 she would just cry and cry when anyone other than Brian and I held her. I was sorry for them but so happy for us!
Looking forward to more pictures soon!

RossVix said...

I am so loving your blog. Your joy is so wonderful. It shines through words and lights up everything.

I am so happy for you. And as a mother of twin (almost) 11 month olds who have YET to sleep through the night...I am also so envious of you.

Looking forward to more pics!


Jocelyn said...

He sounds just amazing! I am so happy the bonding is going so well, I hope we can meet one day!! He is so beautiful Christy and I am so happy for you!!

los cazadores said...

Wow, Christy, your son is beautiful and sounds like a dream! And that nursery is to die for gorgeous!!!


Jesi and Joe said...

Congratulations! Things sound perfect! How wonderful he is... and a 5 hour shopping trip with no fussing?! You are a lucky woman! Ezra generally wants nothing to do with shopping... at least not for very long at all! What a MERRY holiday season you will have together!

Melissa said...'s so good to hear wonderful stories of happiness! You were on a long journey to bring him you can just enjoy every single moment. Really happy for you!

Hauswife said...

Amazing is right! Hooray!