Thursday, November 6, 2008

Postponed Again!

My case was heard again today in the Ethiopian higher courts. It has been postponed until tomorrow because the judge is deciding if my case should have the new document now required for relinquishment cases. My in counrty rep is arguing that it should not have the new document because my case was filed before the court closing and before it was a requirement. One more sleepless night!


Jocelyn said...

Thinking of you...and praying that Abdissa gives you the news you so need to hear tomorrow! I'll be checking bright and early!!

Clive and Dawn said...

Oh Christy, I am sorry you have to wait another day, this sucks, I don't know how you keep so calm about it, although what can you do? This is totally unfair and ridiculous. Here's hoping you hear the right news tomorrow!!!

RossVix said...


I check in on you daily. I hope you are okay. How twisted your path to adoption has been. In the end, you will be a mother to a beautiful little one - and all of this waiting and waiting and postponements will be but blurry memory.