Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some More, Please!!!

Apparently fate has decided to torture me for two more weeks before deciding. I guess the last eight months haven't been enough! Yep, that's right. It's been eight months since I received my first referral! By the time I get him home(or any baby home, for that matter), I'm going to be so jaded. It's just not fair!

This is what happened today; The requested statement from MoWA was there but I guess the judges did not feel they had enough to make a decision. My case will be heard again on Thursday, November 6th and a decision will be made after further 'investigation'.

Thank you to all those supporting me through this. I'm determined to make you all alcoholics with me!! (that's a joke guys!)


Jocelyn said...

I'll be sure to drink a glass of wine for you this weekend!! You will be jaded until he is in your will fade, I promise you that!! Looking forward to great news on November 6th!!

Clive and Dawn said...

Christy - two more weeks...what on earth is going on over there, I feel like someone needs there head examined, come on people, wake up!! give Christy her baby already!

RossVix said...

Arrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!! 2 WEEKS!?!?


There is no rhyme or reason...but we all wait with you. When you get your little boy - promise to come up north eventually to visit. We would love to meet you both...


Jillienne said...

Christy, I know that it doesn't help but I hope that in 2 weeks, there is a final decision and of course in your favor!! The waiting can't go on much longer.

Your little man will be in your arms one of these days and I am so looking forward to seeing pictures!


Los Cazadores said...

Oh geez, will keep you and baby King in my thoughts.


Lisa said...

The efficiency of a court system! Grrrr,, hang in there my friend,, you will have him SOON!!!!! ((Hugs))