Sunday, October 5, 2008

The New Mommies!!!

Over the past few months, I have had some great friends of mine become first time mommies. They all graciously decided that they would become mommies before me so that I could get in some practice time before I bring home Baby King! What great friends I have!

Gena and Maraya Ann
Born May 15th, 2008

After many, many hours of pushing, Gena, with the help of her hubby Hector, successfully produced the beautiful Maraya Ann. Maraya is very easy going and loves swimming in the ocean, as I witnessed in Maui. A few weeks ago we all went to a Los Angeles Dodgers game. Maraya has already proven to be a loyal fan and sat and watched the game with hardly a peep! Gena is a very patient and loving mother. She has a natural talent for motherhood!
Patricia and Dominic Anthony
Born July 28th, 2008

Introducing Dominic!! After many, many hours of pushing, Patricia, with the help of her hubby Juan, delivered Dominic @9lbs. through Cesarean section. Dominic can't wait for Baby King to come home. He's already declared Baby King his best friend! Patricia, is an amazing self taught mommy. Before having Dominic, she never even changed a diaper! As you can see from this photo, she is delighted even when he cries! Also, as you can see from this photo, she is producing enough milk to feed a small village!!

Lisa and Zaela Rose

Born October 18th, 2007And last but absolutely not least is new mommy Lisa and her beautiful Zaela Rose! After many, many months of waiting, Lisa brought home Zaela on August 23rd of this year from Ethiopia. Zaela is a wonderful and funny baby girl! I recently witnessed Zaela's first standing on her own. She was so proud of herself! Her mommy is not quite ready for Zaela to grow up. And to keep her from further attempts at walking, Zaela is now wearing 5lb ankle weights! Lisa is quite the MacGyver! I don't know how she keeps up with little Zaela while maintaining her pre-mommy alcohol level! (ok, I may have helped there!) Please check out the adventures of Lisa and Zaela at their blog!!

I'm really looking forward to sharing mommyhood with all of these wonderful mommies! For now, I will patiently listen to their stories of poopy diapers, late night feedings, and fun fussiness!!! Can't wait guys!!!


Los Cazadores said...

Gorgeous pics of lovely ladies with babes.... I am in love with the name Zaela too.

Indeed, very nice friends!


Lisa said...

Ahhh thanks my friend! Such a nice post for all of us new mommies! Looking forward to doing the same when you get Baby King HOME!

Robbin said...

Cute post, its nice to have friends with little ones at the same time.


Clive & Dawn said...

You have been tagged for 7 random things. See my blog for rules.