Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yep, I was tagged. I was actually tagged quite a while ago by the following three lovely ladies; Dawn, Lisa, and Diane.

Since everyone else I know has been tagged already, I've just decided to include a couple of extra facts about me.

1. I HATE bell peppers! Sometimes just the thought of them gives me the chills. Typing this has caused me to break out in goose bumps! ICK!!

2. I'm not a very organized person. I really try and wish that I was but I just can't. It's a right brained thing!

3. I have very strange and vivid dreams. Just as an example, I once dreamt that I was an octopus. I remember floating in the water on a raft and moving across the raft with my long octopus tentacles. I was watching the people on the beach and thinking octopus like thoughts. I know, I'm strange!

4. In my early college years I frequented rock concerts. I even had a couple of mosh pit mishaps. At a Metallica concert I became very dehydrated and passed out in the pit. A couple of guys were kind enough to carry me out by my arms and legs and drop me off in the first aid stand. And then there was a Pearl Jam concert where I was head butted and got a black eye. I was so proud!

5. I spent many summer days of my youth at the race track. My Grandpa used to breed and race horses in Oklahoma. My sisters and I really enjoyed being able to spend time with him at the track. Especially when his horse would win and we'd get to take pictures with him in the winners circle!

6. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a kid. That changed when I went with my Grandpa to take one of his horses to the vet. The vet needed a stool sample and to do that he went in shoulder deep! Now, I'm a little person and I'd probably get lost in there!

7. My nickname as a child was Space Case. I was always off in my own little world and often preferred to play alone outside.

8. It's official! I have gained 20lbs since I started this adoption process. I never considered myself a stress eater but then I don't think I've ever been this stressed! With the amount in adoption fees I have paid, I could have had Lipo a few times over. But then, if I weren't adopting, I wouldn't need Lipo!

9. I love to travel. Some of the places I've been to are Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, England, Spain and Switzerland. I prefer traveling to third world countries because I have found that the people in such countries the people are so much more warm and inviting. And since I am a teacher, I have had the luxury of traveling for weeks at a time. Next stop, Ethiopia!

10. My pupils are two different sizes. When first discovered, my doctors thought I had a brain tumor! I was terrified! I had an MRI, saw neurologists etc. and nothing was ever found.

I think that's all the interesting things I can think of, or at least the ones I can share!


Lisa said...

OK 20 POUNDS??!!! We didn't eat that much chips and salsa???,,,...Did we?????? lol

Christy said...

Yep. 20 pounds. And I'm afraid I've been eating chips and salsa behind your back!

Judy said...

OK!!!The chips and salsa are soooooo good!We will go to our litle hang out,, in Feb, so don't over eat now,, you will be sick of them by then. Hoping all will go good for you this next week. Zaela needs a buddy to play with! You know I will be the other GRANDMA, for baby King. We have to share all the good times, and the bad,as I know ANTICIPATION IS WORTH IT,but somtimes the weeks and months seam like Eternity. Hang in there and BABY KING will be there soon.

los cazadores said...!!!


Diane Larson said...

I have been to Mexico, Thailand and Spain also. Isn't travel fun!

Lindy Young said...

I love bell peppers but can't eat foods that squea against my teeth. For example, string beans. They squeak. It's like nails on a chalkboard. I also can't stand old glass plates or dishes when they get kind of dulled by the dishwasher -- they squeak against your fingers. It makes me want to tuck my head into my neck, like a turtle. AND, my pupils are different sizes, too. Just a little and just sometimes, but then if I'm really tired it can be more pronounced.

So you're not that weird, really. Not to me, anyway. :)

SisterMom said...

I gained 25 lbs in my adoption process. Good times, huh?
Oh--what do octopus' think?

Diane, Mike and Tribe said...

I gained over 20 pounds during my first adoption process too!

You have led an interesting life, and it is about to get so much more exciting!