Friday, September 19, 2008


Ahoy Matey!!! Today is National Talk like a Pirate Day!!! Shiver me timbers! I think I found the map to me hidden treasure... Baby King! I've been on the wrong path all this time! Arrrr!! No wonders me haven't gotten him home yet!

The map says courts in Ethiopia are bouts to open. Maybe me talkin' parrot can help lead me way!!
Here's the official Talk Like a Pirate Day website and please leave me yer favorite pirate joke!!!


Clive & Dawn said...

AHOY Matey~ARRRRR so ye wants one of me jokes EH?? AARRRR!!!

Why do pirates bring a bar of soap on board their ship?
Show Punchline

So if they are shipwrecked, they can wash themselves ashore!

Lisa said...

OK I am starting to worry... you are talking "birds" a little to frequently! LOL You need to get tyour little boy HOME!!! Post some pics of your BEAUTIFUL nursery!!!!!!

Christy said...

Can't post the nursery pictures til it's done. No sneak peeks. Sorry!

Los Cazadores said...

ARRRRRG!!!!! Walk the plank!!!!

Me thinks you make one laugh hard! Hardy har har!

lol! That was fun typing that.


RossVix said...

Heya Pirate Christy

Just to let you know I am planning on making my blog "by invitation only". I'd love to include you in our invite list...just send me your email address.

We are watching and waiting for the next chapter in your adoption. Soon now!