Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Home!!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post. I got back late Monday night and had to go back to work Tuesday morning. Yuck!!! Tuesday night I was just too exhausted. I didn't get much sleep Monday night and Sunday night I didn't sleep much either. That's because my last night I stayed in Maui I was by myself and thought I'd save some money and stay in a Hostel. No big deal. I've stayed in some pretty low budget places before. Well when I checked in I asked for a private room. I'm too old for the dorm style. It wasn't until late that night when I realized I was sharing my room with flying cockroaches!!!! I HATE, HATE cockroaches!!! We have them in California. I see them occasionally in my classroom and sometimes they glide around with their under developed wings. But they don't fly!! These cockroaches were very skilled flying acrobats! I swaddled myself in a sheet and swatted at them as they purposely flew into the ceiling fan so they would be shot at me full force!! Little Bastards!!

There were many good times in Maui though. It was pretty relaxing and I spent the majority of my time on the beach or at the pool. We did go to a Luau and ate some great food. The highlight though was the snorkeling and diving! We snorkeled at Black Rock and there were two Giant Sea Turtles! They were beautiful and they swam right up to us. It was cool! I took a diving trip alone because my traveling buddies are not divers. I dove at Molokini Crater. It was really beautiful. This is an example of some of the things I saw on my dive:

Lots of beautiful, colorful fish!

I saw lots of Eel.

Yes, those are sharks! I saw about five.

That's me!! HELLO!!!!

Eww! Someone pooped in the water!! Oh wait, it's just a sea cucumber!

Parrot Fish. I can be Parrot Lady while under water too!
I especially enjoyed my backseat buddy Maraya!!! She is so sweet! I didn't even mind when she peed on me!


Jillienne said...

Welcome Home!!

Craig and Cindy said...

Beautiful pics. Would you mind if I linked to your blog, I'd like to follow along the rest of your journey...



Lisa said...

Great pics Christy! You could always get a H-U-G-E aquarium! LOL Hope to see you soon!!!!!

RossVix said...

Hey Christy

Welcome home! Glad you survived the flying cockroaches...eeeeh gatz.


Melissa said...

Great pics...welcome back!

susan said...

Glad to hear that you had such a great time! And I think you mentioned that you're a teacher which I hadn't realized! Have a great year!!