Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Ethiopian Lesson in Las Vegas!

This past weekend I made a very spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas. Yes, that's two weekends in a row! Well, we were our way to dinner and my friends jumped into a fancy black SUV for hire. If it were my decision we would've jumped into one of those cheap yellow cabs. Anyways, the driver, an attractive black man, asked us where we are going. I immediately detect an accent and right away I knew he was Ethiopian. So, I asked him where he was from. When he responded that he was from Ethiopia, my friend Angela let out a gasp. I think it was out of shock that I knew where he was from. The driver, Eskendar, was curious as to why I asked and also by the reaction from my friend. I explained to him my whole adoption journey. I asked him about Ethiopian names, and the correct pronunciation of my referrals name. Wasn't what I thought! I also asked him the pronunciation of Baby Kings' birth mothers last name because I wanted to use it as a middle name. He explained to me the importance and tradition of how an Ethiopian receives their middle and last name. Traditionally, a child is given their fathers' first name as their middle name. The childs grandfathers' first name is then the childs last name. Children have different last names as their parents. I thought this was very interesting! Eskendars' advice to me was to give my son a name that was Ethiopian yet American as well. We made it to our destination and he wished me the best of luck with my adoption and expressed his appreciation to me for providing an Ethiopian child an opportunity for a good life!


Lisa said...

I am impressed,,, education while in VEGAS???!!! Looks like the name is a no-brainer for your little cutie!!!