Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, I didn't make it through court today. Apparently they were missing a letter from MOWA so they've postponed it for tomorrow. MOWA promised to have it by tomorrow. Everything else seemed to be a go. Even the birth mother showed up! My agency is hopeful that if I don't pass tomorrow, then before the court closure next week. I'm exhausted! Only two hours of sleep last night! Hopefully I can pass out tonight! Maybe after a few glasses of wine that I'll be having with my fellow bloggers at the opening of the Blog Union!


Lisa said...


Judy said...

Hi Christy...
I talked to Lisa this AM 6:30 your time,,, and I thought she was calling with good news for you. ONE MORE DAY!!! ANTICIPATION!! Just about kills ya, right. I am sure this will happen for you today, and both of you will be out of CA, for a trip of a life time. All the best to you and the King.
Your other Grandma!!Judy