Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh, How Life Changes!

As my court date approaches, I can't help but think of all the diffferent ways my life is going to change. For example, those quick trots to my neighborhood Target aren't going to be so quick and easy anymore. Since I am a visual person, I thought the best way to describe these changes would be through pictures;

All of my beer and wine bottles will be traded in for...

Baby bottles. (I really don't have that many!)

Instead of climbing the Temples of Angkor...

Baby King and I will be climbing the jungle gym!

No more scuba diving in exotic locations! (yes, that's me!)

I'll be wading in the kiddie pool!
The only elephant riding going on at my place will be...
on the plush elephant rocker!

This lifestyle change is going to take some getting used to, but I think I'm going to love it!


Clive & Dawn said...

oh yes! I know exactly what you mean! And yes its going to be fun! tiring....but fun!

susan said...

Hi Christy!

Love the blog! Is this new? So great to "meet" you in the blogosphere!!

You will be a super mom and you'll love every minute of it! It is such a joy!!

Susan :)

jen said...

When were you in Cambodia? I love Cambodia. Found your blog from the e-group. I am one of the slackers that hasn't introduced myself. But I will. Take care!

Lisa said...

Ok, first of all... I love the new look!!! Very nice. Second,, I know you ain't giving up wine,, Ok, maybe expensive wine, but seriously, who are you trying to kid??? We will see about that :-))

Christy said...

Yeah Lisa, you're right. I'm not giving up the wine because you won't let me! You don't want to lose your drinking buddy!

Suzi said...

Hi, Christy!

Yes, your life is definitely going to change; but it will be a POSITIVE change, to be sure...
(although you will be tired!)

I can tell that you want this with all of your heart, and that will make it happen.

And you better share some red wine with me!!


Nikko and Matt said...

I'm Lisa/Zaela's traveling companion (our girls are a few weeks different in age and we went through the same crap together) so I hit your blog from her. I had to comment on this post since it totally hit home.

Oh man, everything you illustrated applies to me. Yikes. But I tell you, I'm taking my baby girl to Cambodia/Vietnam/etc. as soon as I can (maybe before the age of two since the airfare is so much cheaper). I think you can still do the things that are important, you just do it differently.

I hope :-|